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Allens Minties Various sizes

Allen’s minties are a challenging chewy mouthful of minty refreshment and are a popular brand of confectionery originating in Australia. They are a hard, white and chewy, square mint-flavoured lolly/candy.

Wonka Redskins sticks 220g

Redskins are yummy raspberry-flavoured chewy confectionary manufactured in Australia by Nestlé under their Willy Wonka brand.

Allens Strawberries Cream 190g

Allens strawberries cream

Allens Snakes Alive 210g

Allens Snakes Alive

Allens Retro Party Mix 190g

Allens Retro Party Mix

Allens Party Mix Various sizes

Allen’s party mix is a collection of family favourites,from soft delicious bananas and milk bottles to chewy snakes ripe raspberries and red frogs this delectable selection has something for everyone.

Allens Jelly Beans 190g

Allens Jelly Beans

Allens Chicos 190g

Allens Chicos

Allens Frogs Alive 190g

Allens frogs alive are deliciously squishy raspberry jellies. Contains no artificial colours. Allens makes smiles!